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  • Using SDL2_image with CMake

    SDL2_image is an add-on library for SDL2, the Simple DirectMedia Layer and can be used to load images from various formats. In this post I describe how to get it working with CMake under Windows and Linux.

  • Developing a Software Renderer Part 1

    This article is about graphics programming. I implemented my own compact software renderer/rasterizer with some nice features like pixel and vertex shaders in C++ and in this article I describe how I did it.

  • Trading with Zorro

    Zorro is like the swiss army knife for trading. The Lite-C scripting language is easy to use and allows you to express your trading idea with very little code.

  • Using SDL2 with CMake

    SDL2 is the newest version of the Simple Directmedia Layer API. It can be used together with CMake to build a cross platform multimedia application. In this blog post I will describe the necessary steps to use SDL2 with CMake on both Linux (Ubuntu 17.04) and Windows.