Writing My Own Backtester

I decided to write my own backtesting and live trading system for Interactive Brokers to replace Zorro. With Zorro I was having serious issues while live trading, I noticed that trade execution is wrong. I stumbled over too many bugs, so I don’t trust Zorro any longer, that is why it needs to be replaced.

Getting Historical Data

I decided to write a very simple backtester which can only handle daily EOD data. To be able to backtest my strategy I needed historical data. There are some free sources of historical data online.

In the past one could download EOD data from Yahoo Finance. They changed their service recently and now it is a bit harder to get the data but it is still possible. There is the YahooFinanceAPI on github writen in C# to download stock quotes.

There is also Quandl and Alpha Vantage which provide an API to download free daily EOD data. Both require an API key.

Trade Engine Core

When developing a trading strategy, I want to be able to backtest it and then trade the same strategy live without modification.

I created an abstract TradeEngine class that can execute a trading algorithm and the core code is the same for backtesting and live trading. In backtesting mode a Backtester class calls the Tick method repeatedly to simulate the next trading day while in live trading the Tick method is run once per day.

Using this technique I can verify and debug the core engine with historical data and then expect that live trading also works just fine. The only difference will be the data. Trade entry and exit and all other things will be the same as in the simulation.

public class TradeEngine : ITradeApi
  public IStrategy Strategy { get; private set; }

  public Dictionary<string, IAsset> Assets { get; private set; } = new Dictionary<string, IAsset>();
  public TradeManager TradeManager { get; private set; }

  public TradeEngine(IStrategy strategy, TradeManager tradeManager)
    Strategy = strategy;
    TradeManager = tradeManager;

  public void Initialize()

  public void Tick(DateTime now)
    if (now.DayOfWeek == DayOfWeek.Saturday || now.DayOfWeek == DayOfWeek.Sunday)

    Now = now;

    var tradeData = new TradeData();
    foreach (var kvp in Assets)
      var asset = kvp.Value;
      if (asset.IsHistoryReady && asset.IsMarketOpen)
        tradeData.History[asset.Symbol] = asset.History;


  public void Finish()

Drawing Equity Curve

I also needed some visual representation of the equity and drawdown curves. For this I used the ZedGraph library. With ZedGraph it was quite easy to draw some plots.


After writing approximately 2000 Lines of code I have a functioning backtester and a few strategies. The above equity curve is from my Bollinger Band mean reversion strategy.

Live Trading with IB Api

Interactive Brokers offers an API for various programming languages that can be used to automated trading. I decided to use the C# IB Api for my trading system.

My strategy is designed to trade at the close, but since that is not possible I decided to execute my strategy a bit before the close. Once per day, 10 minutes before the close I download the historical market data for all the stocks that I am interested in and then execute the tick event of my strategy.

Now after approximately 6000 Lines of code I have a working trading system called ArgonTrader and can replace Zorro :)

I run it on my Raspberry Pi. You can read about my setup here.